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How To Eliminate Sour Milk Smell From Car

Cleaning Sour Milk Smell in a Car | ThriftyFun – When milk is accidentally spilt in the car, it can make for a persistent odor. This guide is about cleaning sour milk smell in a car.

Other Things You Can Do. There are myriad solutions to getting rid of sour milk smell, but some are more effective than others, while a combination of different …

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How to Remove Sour Milk Odors from Carpet – Chris asked: How do I remove the smell of sour milk from car carpet? I just bought a car, and the back seat carpet has an awful odor of spilled milk.

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the other day i spilt a glass of mli on the carepet, mopped it up straight away but in the morning the smell was horrendous!! i have tryed febreeze,

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